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Suzuki Intruder 1500 LC Home Page



This page contains a collection of pictures of our beloved Intruder 1500, from here and there off the web. Later URLs (web addresses) will be added where you can find other pictures. The pictures, you will notice, are typical clear catalog ones... Sometimes a clear image is what we want to see... Well presented, but somewhat sterile... Still, they say a picture paints a thousand words... and probably more if its a clear one!

Doug King Contributions

Bass Customs

Yes, that's a 1500LC, believe it or not. Based in Holland... (and our bro Hans has something to do with it, too!) Bass Customs can customise any bike... Check them out at: http://www.basscustombikes.nl

Keep on truckin'

The 1500LC compared to some Volvo trucks.

... Didn't you read somewhere that our bikes were supposed to be exaggeratedly BIG? Cartoonish, even? - Yeah right!

Reader's Contributions:

Always a welcome addition are pictures from magazines that readers/riders send in and will be posted here, until we get threatening copyright letters... but most magazines the pictures are from will get a mention, which is free advertising! So what's the problem... I donno...

Sent in by our (very active) bro Søren in Denmark: He says: "The pictures are from a German magazine called 'Motorrad'. Front tire is a 170/80 - 17 on a 4,25 inch rim, rear tire is a 230/60 - 17 on a 7 inch rim  GOSH ! BTW the company that makes the stuff are named 'Speer', from Germany."

Yep, that's our Suzuki Intruder 1500 LC... whichever way you look at it!

Howard's Horns

This picture is from www.HowardsHorns.com as you may have guessed, he makes horns... and for our beloved LC as well...
Here is a closeup of the Horn itself... I can't resist saying: "If your horn is not good enough, Howard's will straighten you out!"

... hehehe... Beep, beep!

It's the SUZUKI.COM one...

  This is the Intruder picture that is most commonly found all over the net. Now you can see it here too, you lucky people.


  They say its the biggest windbreaker at RIFLE... The widest of them all.


There are 2 types, Classic and SS.
Check it out, why dontcha!

  From behind, this bike looks like its really going somewhere! ... and if looks are anything to go by, I'd say it is!... but then, most motorcycles look like the personification of speed, even when silently waiting for their owners, parked outside a cafe.

  Here is the picture from the Suzuki catalog for Europe. Maybe its the same for the whole world...

A picture tells a thousand words... So take another look at it with that in mind! Imagine all the reading you are saving yourself!

  Another picture from the European catalog. They know how to jazz up a picture, eh? Taking it a bit literally, though, aren't they?

(Rhetorical question)

  Here's yellow... What's your fav. color?

  This one was sent in by our brothers in Belgium. Note the great crash bar / highway bar!

You didn't see it before I mentioned it, did you! See how useful instructions are! A picture may tell a thousand words, but words can bring details to your attention!

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