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Suzuki Intruder 1500 LC Home Page


- One Off Page -

2009 Owners Update:

Ken D'Arterio - Burnaby, BC, Canada

2008 Update! Michel from Canada:

This is Tim from Nebraska...
Tim is the webmaster at IntruderLC.com - and if you ever happen to be cruising through Nebraska on Interstate 80 Please let him know... He stays right by the interstate - at the Grand Island exit -
Happy Trails ......
Tim & Patty

Robin's - Purple People Eater

Do you know these people?

JimJC aka. Jim Cantarini. Calif.

Mocc aka. Moccasin Mike
Jeff Van Damme - Oregon

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- Börkur -
A new owner.

Rudy and his well kept LC.
(This picture sent in by a member of "Retreads MC")

Every now and then a picture arrives without much explanation... It's a shame not to post it because it lacks a full story. The lack of a story means there is not enough material for a full page... That's where this "ONE OFF" page comes in. If you have a picture of a 1500 LC and it's owner and would like to share it with the rest of us, but don't have all the background details... Just send it in, and it will be here for the rest of us to enjoy.

İNotice: Pictures will be on show until the copyright proprietor / legal owner asks for it to be removed.
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