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Suzuki Intruder 1500 LC Home Page

- Keeper's Message -


Greetings brothers and sisters of the road. It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the Suzuki Intruder 1500 LC Home Page which has now been on the net for over a year! The pages are a labour of love for the bike we ride and has been set up, and will continue to grow, with contributions from owers of the LC. It is easy to fall in love and stay in love with this bike. It has the most incredible form. In my opinion, no other bike is as long, wide or compact as our beloved 1500 LC. People have always felt a strong sense of devotion and belonging according to the bike that they ride... Whatever brand or model it is. This bike makes it easy to unite us. We all know what each of us goes through when pulling the choke and starting the LC... and then rolling away from where we parked... Do you see how we are united in spirit?

Your contributions are what has made these pages what they are today... A meeting place for Intruder 1500 Owners on the net. A place we 1500 LC owners can call "home". It is important to have a place to share our riding experiences with each other and those that might not be having as good a time as you... and there is always the possibility, through the RLC, to join the fun with those inspired enough to want to organise rides and events... and meet you.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself... My name is Thor Ingason and I am Icelandic, that means, I live in Iceland. I have not lived in Iceland all my life, most of my youth was spent in Africa, where I attended schools in an English environment, hence my English is better than my Icelandic! I have a long-ish motorcycle history, some good some bad, like everyone else... We all make mistakes along the way... which, more often than not, makes us more determined to succeed next time. In Africa, for example, my head was sewn together after a bad crash without a helmet. I was such a devout prophet of letting those who ride decide... and still am. Nothing, however, will stop me going back to motorcycling... It's just something in my blood.

Before the recession in Iceland, I used to teach web page design (which includes HTML programming) and other computer related courses at a Reykjavik Technical College and very much enjoyed the creativity and promise that the students showed. Although Iceland is a wonderful place to ride in, the breeze is almost always "cold"... But it's a "dry" wind, as opposed to, for example England (where I did my further education), which has a bitter wet wind... and we dress in leather up here, not just for the kick, but also for safety and warmth. I don't think I have ever felt a truly warm breeze up here... Yes, it does make me want to be elsewhere... BUT... we do have some benefits from still being such a small country. Most people, if they trace their origin will find they are in some way related... Which is great for a sense of union, but not so good when they turn out to be ciminals! Talking of "criminals", the taxes here are one of the biggest drawbacks. 40% of one's income goes to tax. Like we could not do with that to survive!

Motorcycles are regarded as luxory items in Iceland and get a 70% customs duty as well as the 24.5% value added tax. Add to that a 5% non EU duty (when applicabe). and you get 99.5%, which is nothing but taxes on motorcycles... So, basically, if you want a motorcycle, you have to buy one for the #%& government! Imagine having to pay 2 times what your bike costs... and 2 times for every accessory! I know... but I have to live here! Still, despite this, we motorcyclists, here, struggle to keep our spirits high, when, because of our longing to ride, our pockets are sometimes empty...

I've done what I can, when I have had the opportunity, for the motorcycling community up here... Like battling to get lower insurance fees and support friendly union between clubs. The insurance fees up here are astronomical, we are talking 160,000 kr (USD $1600, (just divide kr. by 100 to get USD)) per year! Yep, that's what they extort from anyone who is a young motorcyclist and those who don't DEAL with them... I went to "deal" with them and I had to take out 3 insurance policies to get the motorcycle one down to 27,000 kr. (USD $380) per year, but all 3 cost me 50,000 (USD $704) per year. I know... "We all got our devils to drag", wherever we are. (Icelandic saying)

Anyway, to conclude, I hope you are enjoying yourself whatever bike you are on... and we might just meet up one day when I'll be out cruising on my LC...

I'll see you then...

Your bro,

Thor Ingason

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