He walked into the showroom with his grandson. Tall, lean and over seventy years old. Joe had been a fighter pilot in World War II and after the war he spent as much time as he could on his motorcycles. As Joe and I talked about motorcycles we had ridden in our youth, we found we had a lot in common. He was twice my age but was to become a good friend.

Joes' first visit had been with his grandson, looking for parts for his Honda, Joes' next visit was to just talk with me. As we talked Joe kept looking at the VT1100 Shadow. He liked the looks of the bike. The first time Joe sat on that motorcycle his eyes lit up and I could see the memories in his face. For almost two months Joe came in every day and sat on that bike. He learned everything he could about the motorcycle. Then one day Joe walked into the store and said " I'm ready ! ". Joe bought the Shadow of his dreams. Joe was in his Late Seventies.

Joe asked me to drive the motorcycle home for his, he wanted to get used to driving it on the road in front of his house before he took it into the heavy town traffic. A few days later he drove the Shadow back to the store and with the largest smile a I have ever seen, asked me when I was getting off work because he wanted me to ride with him.

Joe loved his Shadow, every day he would drive the highway just for the pleasure of the ride. When he wasn't riding his motorcycle he was talking about it. Younger men would marvel at his ability to ride the Shadow.

Joe was gone less than a year later. His heart gave out. While the rest of his body was ready and willing, his heart had given its' all.

Those of us who knew him are better for it. Joes' spirit will live on forever and I pray that when and if I reach his age I will still be able to enjoy the pleasure of riding my motorcycle.

Joe, my friend, some day I hope to ride with you once again. Until then may your spirit soar and ride that Shadow through the Heavens.