I just have a few minutes before I have to go to work but I thought I would share this with you.

Do you remember the excitement and thrills you felt when you first became a motorcycle rider? It was a great fealing. Granted that excitement never left most of us, but that begining was such a fantastic combination of emotions.

Last week Joyce and I took Nancy, a new rider, out for her first real motorcycle ride. Nancy is a single mother in her 30s, she has taken and passed the MSF beginers course. Nancy bought herself a 700cc SHADOW and had not taken it any further than her neighborhood.

A very excited Nancy was waiting for us when we arrived at our meeting place. She told us that she was excited and also a bit nervous. She said she was still a bit slow on her starts and took some turns a little wider than normal. We quickly explained that all of that was normal for a new rider. We assured her that we would ride at her pace and for her just to relax and enjoy the ride.

So off we went, Joyce led with Nancy in the middle and I took up the last position. We instructed Nancy just to follow Joyce and told her that I would be watching her and cover for her if she needed it. Her first take off was a bit slow but otherwise fine. As we headed down the road she graduly picked up her pace and was doing fine.

Our ride took us over almost every kind of riding from a busy highway to the back roads of a State Park. At our first stop, Nancy got off her Shadow beaming with joy. She kept thanking us for taking her on this ride. Her joy and excitement was infectious. Both Joyce and I were very happy for and with her.

We continued the ride with Nancys riding skills improving every mile. By the end of the ride we had covered about eighty miles. Not a long ride for us but for Nancy it was great.

If you get the chance, help a new rider. Just seeing the joy in their eyes can remind all of us why we ride.