Fallen Brother

Although sorrow has stolen most of my words.
The few I can manage, will have to do...
We are not many, our numbers are few
... So when one of us falls
... It hurts us all...

Against restriction
Against the cold
Against the weather
Against it all
We stand together.

For we stand as the last few wild spirits of our land
We represent "Freedom", you understand...
... so when one of us falls...
... It hurts us all...

Now Silence has taken our friend
His day at an end...
Looks like our night is just beginning
... but to us a light he sends...
So we may realise the dawn tomorrow
has come to end our sorrow,
and his departure a grim reminder
that we should be ever mindful
... of how we go.

... and we will live our lives with memories
of what used to be
Our times of joy, cast in gold
for all to see...
Bridges we have burnt,
lessons we have learnt.

Let us not try to reason
When there cannot be a reason found...
Let us rather just remember
that single lonely trembling light
and that all too familiar sound,
moving away into the night.

... along that long and winding road...
... Forever.