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Suzuki Intruder 1500 LC Home Page



Here you will find SPECIAL bikes, exceptional, customised cycles. People doing wild and wonderful things with their Intruder 1500 LC... and so on... As this bike is rather new it may be a while until we see something here... but keep coming back... and by all means if you see / make something that you feel belongs here, please get in touch QUICK! ( icelandknight )

Two Totally Inspirational Pictures...

Just an example how your bike can look after you MAKE IT YOURS!
What does yours look this good?
This is the bike of J. Hughes.

Intruder LC 250 (VL250)

Hey! Our mighty 1500 has a little sibling about! How about that! Here are the details:

Spec Catalog (170 K)

Spec Sheet (190 K)

Well, at least now you know what's available out there... somewhere.

Ever Wonder...

You're the owner of a cruiser type of motorcycle, right?... You must have looked at a few before you decided, right?... I know I did... So...
What's the Harley FatBoy like when compared to our LC? Let's see...

Harley (FLSTF) Fatboy

Configuration: Air-cooled, 45 degrees.

Valve Arrangement: OHV;
1 intake;
1 exhaust valve;
pushrods, hydraulic adjusters.

Displacement: bore x stroke; 1340 cc
(88.8 x 108.0 mm)

Compression Ratio: 8.5 : 1

Minimum fuel grade: 87 octane

Carburetion: 1, 40mm CV carb

Lubrication: Dry sump.

Transmission: Wet clutch, 5 speed.

Final drive: Belt.

Price: Over USD $15,000.

Suzuki Intruder 1500 LC

Configuration: Air/oil-cooled, 45 degrees.

Valve Arrangement: SOHC
2 intake;
1 exhaust valve;
hydraulic adjusters.

Displacement: bore x stroke; 1462 cc
(96.0 x 101.0 mm)

Compression Ratio: 8.5 : 1

Minimum fuel grade: 87 octane

Carburetion: 2, 36mm CV carbs

Lubrication: Wet sump.

Transmission: Wet clutch, 5 speed.

Final drive: Shaft.

Price: Under USD $10,000.

My job is just to provide the pencil.


This picture is from Lexa and Mates who are from the Czech Republic (Central Europe)!
For now the Intruder is in the garage (its winter!) and its having something done to it... Meanwhile, here are some more pictures of the trike... They will be crossing the continent (Europe) on it, and then they will send some more pictures... For now, here are some more pictures of the trike...
We know you want to see some more of THAT...

Left: Lexa and Mates. Right: Exhaust and engine detail. 118 parts - gold surface. Rear wheels 13x17" Tyres 335/35 R17. Engine 1200vw.

Lexa: eMail - Web Page: www.ini.cz/bervid (soon in English too)

Our brother Agemura (Gallery Page 4), all the way from Japan, sends us this picture of a virtually rendered Intruder 1500 LC... Someone went to a lot of trouble to get all the details in there... Check out the bigger picture. Just click on the picture itself. You don't know how much work you are looking at until you try to make one yourself! Phew! It takes HOURS! I wanted to make a 3D pic of a helmet once... (I gave up!).

What??? Trick photography? Daredevil stunt? Whatever it is, its pretty amazing! Now, don't try doing this at home! This picture was sent in by Paolo (Italy) who got it from a magazine over there ("Super Wheels"). More like this, please!

Lots of people want Intruders... and will go great lengths to get theirs!

'tis what we all want.

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The LC is in picture 5... but there were actually 2 that took part in the run.