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Suzuki Intruder 1500 LC Home Page


New: Sounds Added - See Below!


Some of us have found solutions to some of the problems that people have been experiencing with the 1500 LC. On the SOLUTION Pages you will find suggestions how some of us have dealt with the various problems. Will also feature a small WARNING section, what to avoid. It may be obvious, but sometimes we all need reminding!


Ok, you want it, you got it! - A number of requests have come in from people asking for the links to makers of custom items for the LC to be HIGHER on this page, so you don't have wait for the whole page to load before getting to the juicy links. So, for your convenience, here they are...

- Custom Page Spotlight -

RoadHouse Exhaust Pipes
Want to HEAR what the pipes sound sound like? Hey, we can do that!
They may be BIG, but they are well worth tha wait!
LC_Stock_Core.wav (314k)
LC_Loud_Core.wav (419k)
LC_Performance_Core.wav (357k)
I know you're gonna love 'em as much as we do!


Here are some links to places where you can buy stuff to CUSTOMIZE your ride... I haven't been able to test all of them but most of them should work.

Not listed? Think you should be? Get in touch by eMail
======= Need a good repair manual? =======

Thats it... for now, let me know if you find more...






This is what the Intruder looks with EVERYTHING on it! Its a bit much... but I bet it breeds envy on the road. The point here is to show you whats available... Then you buy the pieces which you feel give the bike that "individual look". Its a bit like Bonsaido... You trim your tree to reflect your personality. 

For the person who wants everything... Here it is from another angle.

This might be a bit of a tangent... but there was this guy who baught everything available for his bike. *ahem* It was called "Christmas Tree" by most who saw it... It broke his heart... So, he sold the bike. *sniff* Poor guy!


Yo! Its the STUD! Always reminds me of those old ROMAN empire films... Ben Hur, Hercules, etc. Very "macho"... and pretty cool too!

I wonder if there will be a "tassle" version too. "Tassle" = leather cut in strips, dangling down, in the wind... also called a "fringe". It looks better in the bigger picture, click on the image to see the bigger picture.


This "engine guard" in my opinion is far too small... If the bike would ever topple over, it won't do much to save anything will it... Hopefully Cobra will come to our aid? They make great thick fat giant big ones for other models. Its just a question of time before they come through for us too... Check out their NEWSFLASH page for confirmation of this fact.


Keeper's Note: No, no... Far too small... For me, anyway... I'm used to the bigger, badder, rounder, Cobra Freeway Bars... Sorry Suzuki, this is not for me.


A ribbed, chrome, side cover. It only adds a bit of more chrome in there... I don't think it does anything else... Except give you another surface to polish. I think I prefer it black... but its nice to have a choice... I guess.
Keeper's Note: This is something you either love or hate. No two ways about it... No-one is indifferent to this item! It gives you more chrome, hence more to polish. There is a perfectly good area where this piece fits and some feel this is something Suzuki should have given a miss... Yet others love it and feel the bike is BARE where it was if they remove it... I'm not forking out for this one. Thanks.


This is what the front end looks like... when its all done up and ready to go out. Maybe this is overdoing it a bit... Still, like before, it shows whats available.
Keeper's Note: Ok, some of you may feel a windshield takes some of the fun out of riding... BUT... Those of you in colder climates, like me, will find a WORLD of difference between riding with it and without it... Without it, you get the wind full force, the bike also looks more 'rebellious' without the shield ("Wild One" rebellious)... With the shield on, you may look more 'establishment', conformist, the comfortable one in the crowd... Really, after you add a whindshield, for those who have never had one: It's like another bike! True, you tend go faster... True, you are warmer... The windshield is another winner in my book. - I baught the Memphis Fats 19" one. Very good.


 I like to call this the "kiddie rack", as those with kids will want to have a place for the rest of the family on their motorcycle. You'll need to strap them down, though, like on the REAL rack.

One of the local riders here made one of these himself. Crafty devil!


Here is where you fasten your bags down, so they don't flap around like Dumbo, in the wind... I mean, you wouldn't want to TAKE OFF, now would you? ... On the other hand, has anyone ever thought of making butter en-route in the flapping bags?

Hey, I could patent that idea...

Keeper's Note: These are INDESPENCABLE if you are going to get yourself bags. I have to warn you - I DIDN'T get these bag brackets, but DID buy some of those loose hanging bags... Oops! I found out the hard way, bags WILL rub against the rear fender, if you don't have these brackets... and you WILL end up, like me, with paint rubbed clean away, leaving bare metal = RUST, really quickly, if you don't watch out... So, if you're gonna do that bag thing, do the bracket thing first... It even adds chrome to the bike. You can't LOSE!

A big thank you, back to all the people who wrote in and told me how useful they have found these pages... ...and don't forget, if you find a cool custom accessories place selling the same, send it in and share!

Personal Review Corner

Thor here, this is a new corner where I'd like to give people some pointers from my personal experience, about items I have baught for my bike and how I liked them. Unbiased, just telling it like it is, so you can read about the product a bit before you buy. (Alphabetical order)

Suzuki 1 piece gel seat: Ouch! This seat is MUCH harder than the 'stock' seat, for both the rider and passenger. Compared to the seat that comes with the bike, this seat is much harder on the tailbone. The stock seat is much better than this seat on the back... However, this seat looks much better on the bike than the extra wide stock seat. It's narrower... and after a long ride, you may get a sore butt. I did. - The worst part is - One can also go numb around the back area... I keep myself moving around to refresh the areas that are getting sore or numb.

Suzuki Studded, Semi-Hard Bags: These softish hard-bags are really WIDE. I think I'll need pictures of the bike to really see the effect it has on the overall bike. They were hard to put on, if you are doing it alone... and there was some blood, some sweat, but no tears! I also had to unscrew them again, because I hadn't put the metal bracket into the space that hold them in place at the bottom.

Warrior Synthetic Leather (Plastic) Saddlebags: Phew! If I knew then what I know now... I'd probably make the same mistakes again... They look great... but are a bit small for such a big bike! Like I mentioned above, I thought I wouldn't need the bracket to keep them away from the rear fender... MISTAKE! They rubbed holes in 4 places on the fender... Each time, where the bag made contact. The bracket, I got myself too late.

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