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Suzuki Intruder 1500 LC Home Page


Below you will find the color schemes that the Suzuki Intruder 1500 LC is available in.

... in the year 2000 ...

For some strange reason Suzuki has decided to keep the INTRUDER name for the European market. The bike known in the USA as "Boulevard C90" will be called "Intruder C1500" in Europe.

The 1500 Intruder has been available since 1998. Now, in 2004, Suzuki has decided it is time to abandon the old bike names and start over, with a new name! Enter the: BOULEVARD! - Those who have seen the Boulevard line feel it's just an Intruder to which Suzuki has added the most common aftermarket itmes that people have had to pay for after they baught their Intruders. - Wider handle bars, slash cut exhaust pipes, slimmer seat are all features of the new Boulevard. Some have baught a "strech tank" (made by ThunderBike) and these are among the things included on the Boulevard.
Also, possibly to appeal more to the USA buyer, engine sizes are now in cubic inches, as opposed to cubic centimeters. The cubic inch capacity also forms a part of the model name: C90 would be the 1475 cc engine they used to call 1500.

Strangely, one of the criticisms that many 1500LC owners have had in the past was not addressed on the Boulevard, in fact, it was made worse... The Boulevard has a smaller fuel tank than the 1500LC!!!
Will all this messing about with names pay off? They hope so! ... but let's just hope they also realise there needs to be good "AFTER SALES SERVICE" which includes offering new owners some way to unite and share their experiences, which is just as important as coming out with a new bike. We are definately looking forward to hearing about a Suzuki sponsored "Boulevard Owners Club" [or a "Boulevard Owners Group".]

2004 - BRAND NEW COLOR - 2004

 Silver & White 
Just in, at the Suzuki Showroom
Note: For the first time, the white line on the front fender doesn't go all the 
way to the bottom edge, but rather ends in a curve before the bottom of the fender.

2001 - COLORS - 2001

- Black on Black -
Black - A Legendary Classic!

Black on Blue
Looks dark blue until it starts reflecting sunlight.

Silver on Maroon
 Silver dream machine 

2000 - COLORS - 2000

Black and green, if you know what I mean... This is the reverse of what it once was.
Any way you look at it, this is wine red, with black on the tank.
A solid mellow yellow, quite rightly! With creamy white on the tank
Black on Black! I went and saved the best till last... This has to be the coolest one! No question!!!

Y2K Legendary Classics: The plan: Solid body color. Tank has the two tone effect. Red and Green are planned for sure, look for more color combinations later. (Translated from French):
"A definition of a 'Cruiser', the custom Suzuki VL1500 LC Intruder is one of the more sensible approaches to the 'absolute-max customs' out there. It's been on the roads for a few years now. The new solid red or green models radiate massive magnetic lines of attraction! A seating position adopted for maximum comfort on long distance rides. Also, now has tons of add ons and aftermarket products, to make it even more personal to the owner, and add to it's already luxorious state. The V-Twin engine fulfils it's role perfectly, is great all 'round, and packs power a-plenty, with some generous extra power when it's needed. The 15,5 litre fuel tank resides beneath the seat, but the speedometer and dashboard panel is mounted in aerodynamicly designed chrome, on the air cover "tank" area. In other words, the 1500 LC is not worried about being compared to anything, since it excels past anything like it, and will even cost you much less! This Intruder is realistically priced. Not only do you get a reliable and powerful motorcycle, on a market that is often out to exploit lovers of custom bikes, this bike remains the most affordable of them all."
(8-Oct-99. Remember, you saw it here first!)

- - - 1999 Color Schemes (below) - - -

Black & Silver :
the colors of speed and a true classic.
Click the pic to take a closer look.
Brown & Cream: I'd like to call this one "cafe o'lait", but its really Brown and and Cream. Like something from an old movie... Didn't Clark Gable ride one of these?
Black and Green. Alien? Still, always classic colors. You can use black with anything... A bit like clothes. No matter what you wear, you always look good. (This was my choice).
Red and White... All thats missing is Blue, for the patriot! Still, this is a Racing Red, the color of danger.... So watch it! (Update: Many love this best).
Yellow and White... The joyful colors of summer! Refreshing and uplifting. Sweet! Refreshing! Custard with chilled milk! Yummy!

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